In the summer of 2016

 ice cream maker, Jeff Shine, started dedicating more to his health and well-being. Inspired by the high-functioning food movement, and his health conscious customer base in Northern California, he began experimenting with what an insanely great tasting ice cream, packed with protein and healthy nutrients, could be.

During the same period, his wife, Kristine Shine, left the corporate world to launch her own recruiting and advisory firm, with a mission of helping people and companies realize their potential.  What she discovered was a new company brewing in the back room of her husband’s ice cream shop and an opportunity to build a company that inspired others to take bold risks and live to their greatest potential.

Jeff and Kristine decided to name their launch product, Imagine That, as it was born from the idea of making the impossible, possible.  Jeff created an insanely great tasting ice cream, that is impossibly good for you, and together, Jeff and Kristine, are on a journey to inspire others to live their happiest, healthiest and most adventurous life.